Forugh Farrokzhad'a Nazire


The wind has taken you
   To somewhere we will see one day
   From somewhere we still don’t know
Within the shadow of an unknown
Wind blowing since our childhood
said goodbye
said welcome

that was the unknown
Watched you and me
When we commit crime at night
we touched his breath at dawn
Thinking we kiss the eternity
‘coz man allowed kissing only in shadow
Of an unknown breath
But only until
Only until we believe
The wind will take one of us
The wind has taken you

Now,my unknown shadow
These walks in the unknown streets
the stones I step on
even opening an umbrella                               
towards rain and sun                                                                            
that’s you illusion on my way
this is me unknown living through
fleshes of time
and you
my shadow my thank to sun
my swear to/o 

the wind  has taken you....

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şarkı çok hoş:)

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Dylan'dan düşen bin parça. Tebessüm.